Our state-of-the-art security services provide integrated defense

At Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier, we're serious about security. That's why we offer a comprehensive defense portfolio, comprised of inherently secure products and innovative protection solutions. Those include our MPLS-based IP-VPN, global IPX platform, fraud-fighting voice and SMS+ offerings as well as powerful safeguards against both volumetric and application-based DDoS attacks.

Security threats continue to grow, with no end in sight.

Security breaches are on the rise. Due to a growing number of connected devices and an explosion of data, opportunities abound for cyber criminals. Add to that their growing sophistication in uncovering new ways to exploit defense vulnerabilities, and it is easy to understand why attacks have become more complex and harder to detect and mitigate.

Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier's 360° defense - expertise and technology you can trust.

As one of the world's leading telco providers, we have the resources and expertise to research and implement the very best defense mechanism. Security is one of our most central concerns, which is why we have established a wide variety of solutions and initiatives to help combat cyber criminality and protect the valuable assets of our global clients.

About threats and solutions

Don't let DDoS attacks harm your business

Do you know what happens in a volume-based DDoS attack? Traffic is directed to one server, other computers serve as botnets for the attack, the server is overloaded and fails. Don’t let DDoS attacks harm your business. Close your security gap ! We have a specially trained DDoS Defense team available 24 / 7 and  an awarded security solution in place that stems the flow of attacks – in our backbone and in the cloud!

DDoS Defense

Safeguard your network against SMS fraud

Messaging Fraud is a reality and has many faces. The problem: Fraud SMS messages are complex and changing their behavior dynamics constantly. How nice could it be for mobile operators to live in a spam-free messaging environment! With SMS+ Protect we have designed an advanced solution ensuring that only requested and commercially wanted SMS traffic can be terminated.

SMS+ Protect

Proactively fighting voice fraud to minimize damage

Are you aware that the worldwide carrier community has to deal with approximately 38 billion dollars of lost revenue due to voice fraud per year? Well positioned in the fight against this evolving threat, Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier offers cutting-edge protection as part of its global voice services. Rely on our high-standard voice protection solution. It ensures fastest reaction and proactive notification.

Voice Protection

Defend users by offering a secure signaling network

Hackers are increasingly taking advantage of the vulnerabilities of Signaling System No. 7 (SS7) protocols. They listen to calls, read messages and can even locate individual users. To safeguard your mobile users as well as your reputation, Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier offers its powerful SS7 Firewall solution. It quickly and efficiently identifies and stops damaging third party attacks.

SS7 Firewall

Encrypted Lambda protects your data against unwanted attacks

Our new high-performance Lambda encryption service safeguards your data from unwanted breaches. At the same time, it facilitates compliance with the newest data protection regulations. Our service perfectly matches Layer 1 network requirements while allowing for scalable bandwidth and ultra-low latency. 

Encrypted Lambda

Client Messages

An ad agency experienced the advantages of ICSS's security services when it was hit by a large attack

Media content has to be delivered on time, so we can't afford any mishaps. Any delays would hit us right in the pocketbook and trample our reputation. So we're happy that Deutsche Telekom has a top-grade security solution - It's already helped us once. 


Client Messages

A global manufacturing company needed to make sure its online services were always running

We can't afford to lose connection with our customers, suppliers or partners. That's why we decided to work with Deutsche Telekom's DDoS Defense solution. We need the reliability of a Tier 1 provider that has highly trained experts we can immediately get help from whenever it's needed.


Client Messages

Aware of the huge damage that fake text messages can create, this mobile operator wants to safeguard its brand reputation

The use of all types of messages is exploding, and we are well aware that SMS fraud is a pervasive problem. That's why we want to detect misuses before they seriously harm our business. SMS+ Protect stops losses and helps us continuously sort out the "wrong" messages.


Client Messages

A European telco provider chooses DDoS Defense for themselves as well as their customers

This is a product that sells well and has generated a lot of interest. Implementation is easy and fast and we feel confident that we're well protected. That's also been the view of our clients.


Client Messages

A state-run organization fell victim to a brutal, continually mutating DDoS attack

Because of the way that attackers kept adapting their methods to whatever was tried to stop them, this was a very worrying situation. Luckily, Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier came to the rescue and saved us from huge losses of earnings as well as our reputation. We couldn't have done it without the DDoS Defense solution.


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