Unlimited and cost-effective messaging, worldwide

Today’s tech-savvy consumers want unlimited use of their mobile devices, no matter where they are. Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier matches their expectations for seamless, instant connectivity, independent of location. For best-in-class international operability, we offer our reliable person-to-person messaging solutions (SMX and MMX), that make it easy to expand your global messaging footprint.


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  • Reliable, secure P2P SMS transmission through one single-hub interface
  • Seamless two-way messaging with all participating MNOs 
  • Extension of international SMS footprint of MNOs and MVNOs without concluding and maintaining additional roaming agreements (SMS)
  • Access to carrier-grade SMS handling with minimal configuration changes, no extra investments needed
  • Easy administration via web-based management tool (SMS)
  • Compliant with GSMA open connectivity requirements

The Solution

Reliable, secure P2P SMS transmission through one single-hub interface

Our SMS P2P service lets you increase your global SMS footprint while dealing with only one partner – Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier. With our one-stop solution, you increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. It also allows you to focus on raising your SMS revenue without having to cope with additional network investment.

We offer a customer-oriented, component-based pricing structure adaptable to your individual needs. Through the addition of messaging-interconnect services such as our SMS P2P and RCS-e, your customers can enjoy unlimited, quality global communication.

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