Feed your cloud with wordwide inbound access

Boost the virtual global presence of your retail or enterprise customers with our dial-in service. Promote their international business image with a straightforward, client-centered reach. Benefit from Deutsche Telekom's robust network coverage and renowned quality!


  • ITFS, UIFS, HCD, Local Geo/National Fixed or Mobile Access number options
  • International calls that are free of charge or charged at local rates
  • Strong Tier 1 partner to rely on, no grey routes
  • Coherent overview of up-to-date regulatory conditions
  • True, in-region routing architecture for latency, redundancy and packet loss
  • Multiple routing possibilities to differentiate between access types
  • Dedicated routes with emergency overflows and no manipulation of CLI
  • Regular quality monitoring and alert fraud management
  • Migration of existing numbers from foreign provider networks
  • Settlement with access providers at origin, on your behalf
  • Dedicated, specialized sales channels and customized offerings without commitments

The Solution

With IFS/DID hubbing, we negotiate the sourcing of international dial-in/cloud access numbers on your behalf. This is accomplished with our trusted provider in each country. We pride ourselves on abiding by all local regulatory requirements to ensure that the service we deliver is stable and of premium voice quality. We make an extra effort to guarantee that what you receive is what you require. We don’t mess around with ‘low cost, fingers crossed’ propositions. Our state-of-the-art network collects inbound calls from landlines, mobiles and pay phones in over 120 countries – and delivers them directly to your POI.

On the end-customer side, our service targets companies with global footprints and decentralized structures as well as calling card providers that need conferencing bridges, customer hotlines, payment card terminals, calling card platforms and more. We have embraced the cloud and are the partner of choice for the leading content provider community.

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