Best-in-class Wi-Fi roaming, on the ground and in the air

Universal coverage and a hassle-free customer experience are critical factors for success on the Wi-Fi market. This is where Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier’s Wi-Fi roaming comes into the picture. It provides access over DT’s international terrestrial footprint as well as on intercontinental and European flights offered via the European Aviation Network.


  • Simple and convenient via one connection, one contract, one provider
  • Obtain easy and efficient access to a variety of partners through our full brokerage service
  • Let your customers access Deutsche Telekom’s expansive footprint in Germany and other European countries
  • Offer broadband internet access to your customers flying in the skies above Europe or to other continents

The Solution

Wi-Fi Roaming from Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier - for best-in-class roaming on the ground and in the air

Our Wi-Fi Roaming Solution is designed to meet the global Wi-Fi roaming needs of operators and aggregators. We provide seamless connectivity with state-of-the-art technologies such as EAP and WISPr. Because our service can be connected with operators’ standard infrastructures (e.g., via Diameter, MAP/SIGTRAN/SWx, D’/Gr’, Gx,Gy) for authentication purposes, even clients without a backend roaming service can use our platform and offer Wi-Fi roaming to their users. The result is best-in-class roaming via DT’s extensive terrestrial and in-air footprint.


Boingo leverages Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier's Wi-Fi Roaming solution to simplify traffic management for Boingo subscribers with its roaming partner FlyNet, provider of in-flight wireless services for Lufthansa.

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