United Voice

International voice remains a key requirement for customers but may not be a core activity or a viable business anymore for some retailers and wholesalers. Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier can help here to leverage synergies, simplify processes, and reduce risks so that carriers can focus on what remain core growth areas.

Our United Voice solution provides excellent support and combines the best of both worlds in a consultative way through our longstanding track record in consolidation.


  • Focus on core growth areas with free up resources
  • Leverage synergies for top and bottom-line optimization
  • Improve profitability through scale and optimized routing capabilities
  • Stop fraud outpayment through latest AI – big data-based, automated security
  • Simplify business processes with cost saving from aggregation
  • Zero investment to keep ongoing state-of-the-art network and IT technology
  • Customized high quality with transparent service level management
  • Geo-redundant network prepared for the next technical evolution
  • Connected to ONE trustworthy and financially strong partner who takes your risk away

The Solution

We understand that every telco has different challenges and requirements. That’s why we assess first the synergy areas to customize United Voice exactly to the specific needs of the client. Why not take advantage of Deutsche Telekom’s scale, systems, network and expertise to help you manage and optimize your international voice business.

Lifecycle Management

For retail telcos wanting to focus on their core business and to optimize their financials. Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier operates client’s complete international voice business long-term.

Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier main contribution

  • Leverage synergies from “Best of both Worlds” in consultative approach.
  • Provide link to state-of-the art network and tools
  • Deliver high quality and market competitive pricing
  • Route all inbound and outbound international calls
  • Provide end-to-end process management
  • Provide transparent view of performance


Interim Management

For clients wanting to be more efficient in non-core regions, reduce direct costs, outpayments and lessen complexity and risk. Deutsch Telekom Global Carrier operates parts of client’s international voice business mid-term.

Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier main contribution

  • Improve efficiency and address pain points of telcos by implementing one or more aggregation options.
  • Use scale in certain regions/routes
  • Provide security booster on fraud destination
  • Deliver inbound Gateway function
  • Provide streamlined deal management


Guatemala Tigo

We strongly believe this partnership will bring many opportunities to both our companies. Collaborating with Deutsche Telekom will allow us to accelerate the expansion of our interconnections, and will provide the infrastructure needed for more dynamic collaboration with many of the leading retailers in the United States. Deutsche Telekom has a proven track record of efficiency and transparent processes.


Victor Aldana, International Business Manager at Guatemala Tigo


Collaborating very successfully on international voice with Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier over the last few years allowed us to expand and strengthen our offering, enabling us to better meet the requirements of our customers. This partnership has brought us – as well as our customers - excellent service, outstanding termination quality and market-leading pricing, which is why we have extended the agreement.


Peter Coppens, Vice President, Product at Colt

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