Extremely fast data roaming for mission-critical IoT or M2M solutions

Today’s advancements in IoT or M2M technology enable scenarios such as autonomous driving, remote surgery or real-time automation. However, these critical use cases need extremely fast speeds and superior throughput – a long unsolved problem. We now have an answer. Our Regional Packet Gateway offers extremely low latency by routing transcontinental data roaming traffic locally, instead of back to the originating home network.

Use Cases & Benefits

  • Enables critical IoT services requiring high bandwith and low latency.
  • Provides the ever-increasing speeds end users and IoT business customers demand.
  • Results in 60 % lower packet latency and 100 % higher volume throughput.
  • Home network retains all revenue and management of end client’s usage.
  • Download speeds perceived to be about 50% faster in user tests.
  • Complies with local regulations as content considered remaining within borders.

The Challenge - Our Answer

Our new service Regional Packet Gateway is the answer! Watch the product video and discover how the new data roaming service works!

Home Routing Drawbacks
The usual method of routing transcontinental data roaming traffic is to send it back to the end user’s home network, even if that is at the other end of the globe. This distance, together with the way IP transport technologies work, naturally cause delays. An IP packet will take 300-500 milliseconds to travel from the end device to the home MNO and back from the home MNO to the end device. Due to the international IPX connectivity between the visited and home MNOs, it can be additionally slowed.

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The Solution

Our new Regional Packet Gateway service solves the difficulties caused by home routing. It does this by sending data traffic to the nearest of our globally positioned gateways instead of back to the home country. We have installed these ‘local’ gateways at strategic locations around the globe, thus greatly enhancing performance. MNOs can use this service for their entire data roaming traffic or only for selected parts. In addition, the new service benefits companies operating in regions where legal restrictions require content to stay within its borders.

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