Numbers are the most important enabler of today’s communication flows

Our Numbers Universe is carefully built for more than 30 years and is constantly growing. With a mission to support worldwide communication our teams are dedicated to source number resources in any country of the world. Telekom reliable infrastructure and the highest quality of interconnections help enterprises to protect their brand through reliable numbers representation.


  • Global reach to numbers in 140+ countries
  • Multiple number types tailored to customer needs
  • Portal&API programmable product exposure
  • Compliance expertise support at customer service
  • High level of customization of routing, pricing and value-added features
  • Reliable and high quality Tier1 infrastructure

The Solution

Our Numbers Universe solution is created in the flexible way so our Customers can choose different number types from the pool, based on their solution needs and required number capabilities. Our current solution is based on standard contractual Telekom relationship through which Customer receives full processes and product descriptions. Numbers Universe supports both: traditional legacy email communication for our customers whose needs are not digitally savvy but also digital and programmable communication through our Numbers Universe Portal and API. Our portfolio is constantly growing involving new value-added features and new country presence.

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