White paper: Stay Safe in Cyber Space

Cyber attacks are on the rise, both in numbers and intensity. Are you wondering what the big deal is about cyber security and DDoS attacks? You think it will never affect your company because you have all the right firewalls and detection systems in place? Then consider what today’s cyber criminals are capable of and how even the largest organizations have not been able to stop them.

Imagine you’re an employee of a huge media or broadcasting company. You feel secure and never think that your sensitive information might be accessed. But one day you come to work and discover that cyber criminals have stolen your unfinished project, along with confidential files. In fact, they have managed to infiltrate devices across the company’s entire IT infrastructure, stealing and erasing data on servers and PCs. The network contained email addresses, salary lists, bank account data and health insurance records, as well as your own personal credit card numbers.

Or think about what could happen if your online services were suddenly unavailable. In the morning you’re paying bills on your computer, but in the afternoon none of the websites you normally use are reachable. In addition, you can’t find out what’s going on because the connections to your digital newspaper and government websites have been cut off. This time it’s the work of a group of cyber criminals who demand ransom to return your data.

Interested in learning more about the effects of cyber attacks and the benefits of cyber security solutions? Have a look into our white paper “Stay Safe in Cyber Space” here


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