Protect messaging traffic with Deutsche Telekom’s SMS+

Interview with Matija Percan, Business Development Manager Messaging, Deutsche Telekom 

Matija Percan discusses what Deutsche Telekom is doing to help keep SMS messaging traffic safe and boost revenue at the same time.

Q: With many people using online messaging platforms, how relevant is SMS today?
A: It is true that these services have cut down on SMS use, especially among younger users. However, that has been happening only in the person-to-person (P2P) area. Application-to-person (A2P) volumes, on the other hand, have actually risen and keep on rising. In fact, A2P is an important growth area in the SMS market. It is a critical business tool used by companies such as banks, hospitals, delivery services or airlines to stay in touch with their clients. That’s why operators need to make sure these text messages are safe from fraud.

Q: What kind of fraud are we talking about and how does it damage operators?
A: SMS fraud has been growing, in the form of spoofs, fakes, spams, floods and ghost messaging. This is traffic that is not paid for and is also irritating to end users – thus causing brand damage. In addition, the fraudulent text messages increase traffic on networks, causing higher network and infrastructure expenses. SMS fraud is a very costly problem for mobile operators.

Q: What is Deutsche Telekom doing to protect messaging traffic?
A: As part of our 360° Defense Strategy, we offer a service called SMS+. It provides filtering and reporting that helps operators identify and stop fraud. A specific function of this solution is called SMS+ Protection, which is an SS7-based filtering system that recognizes and blocks unwanted messages that bypass termination fees. Unlike other static systems on the market, it is able to dynamically detect the continually changing behavior of grey route traffic. Another function of SMS+ is SMS+ Transit, which terminates messages on direct connections within the Deutsche Telekom Group, thus providing high-quality, official routes. To make it easier for our clients to make sure SMS revenue is safeguarded, we offer SMS+ as a complete solution from one provider.

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