New technologies call for new security measures

Carriers and service providers continually look for ways to make their networks more efficient and cost-effective. To that end, they are eager to adopt new technologies such as software-defined networking (SDN), network functions virtualization (NFV) and 5G. But this move into an increasingly automated world calls for a close look into the implementation of new security methods.  

This is because automation, and the associated centralization of services, means that if an attack is successfully launched, it can rapidly spread across a larger network footprint. So, while digital transformation provides many benefits, it also requires stringent security measures. Different organizations have various views on how to best accomplish this. Some claim greater cooperation within the industry is needed while others investigate the use of blockchain technologies.  

Christian Wollner, head of product management for ICSS’s Mobile World division, cites the organization’s success with automated, real-time screening algorithms, coupled with a 24/7 security team. In addition, ICSS offers a high-level architecture SS7 Firewall as well as protection for SMS traffic with a product called SMS+ Protect. Deutsche Telekom is also a founding member of the i3 Fraud Forum and plays a major role in other industry-wide security initiatives.

For more information on the topic of automation and network security, take a look at a June 21st article from Capacity Media online.

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