New Data Center Mirroring Solution from Deutsche Telekom

June 24th, 2019, Bonn. Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier today announced the release of a new security service. It is called Data Center Mirroring and it does just what its name describes.

Organizations today need to manage larger and larger amounts of data, and for many, that data has become the lifeblood of their business. That’s why the mirroring of complete data sets to a second data center is a good way to protect valuable assets. If one data center suddenly becomes unavailable, the second can be immediately accessed and work can continue without interruption. 

Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier manages the transfer of data via point-to-point connection to a completely separate location from the original data center. Markus Fassbender, the wholesale provider’s senior product manager, says: “All data to be mirrored is of course fully encrypted during the transfer process. Deployment is at the customer’s secure location and is dedicated to his encrypted connectivity service only. Customers can trust in our experience as one of the global leaders in telco security.”

The data center mirroring service runs over Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier’s Lambda Connect. This is a high-bandwidth platform that delivers optical multiplex services based on the company’s next generation Dense Wavelength Division Multiplex (DWDM) technology. It employs an agile ROADM topology which is necessary to produce multi-terabits of bandwidth that can handle more than 80 different signals using only one underlying dark fiber pair. Thus, with a basic 100 Gbit/s system, up to 8 Tbit/s can be reached over a single fiber pair.

Fassbender says: “Our optical encryption service guarantees wirespeed performance, meaning high throughput, bulk encryption, highly scalable bandwidth, deterministic latency behavior and no packet loss. Clients are offered high flexibility, as they can choose a solution ranging from 1Gbps to 100Gbps.” The solution has been launched first in Germany, with other global locations expected to be quickly rolled out thereafter.

About Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier

Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier is the international wholesale division of Deutsche Telekom. We offer a comprehensive portfolio for all the needs of a rapidly transforming telco industry. One that is continually updated to provide fast, innovative solutions for future technologies and challenges. As one of the world’s leading carriers, we satisfy the requirements of Deutsche Telekom Group’s international affiliates and more than 900 external customers worldwide.

With more than 20 years of experience in the international wholesale communication market, Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier offers next-generation platforms, extensive networks, a global backbone, 360 degrees of security, tailor-made solutions, worldwide connectivity, and much more. The cutting-edge offerings of Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier include the following business segments:

  • Voice & Mobile Services: market leader for voice termination and innovative, profitable mobile enablement.
  • Internet & Content Services: one of the premier European internet and content players.
  • Access & Transport Services: securely connecting customer’s global sites with a major European multi-service provider.
  • Commercial Roaming Services: seamless international roaming with one of the largest networks in the world.
  • In-flight & Connectivity Services: broadband connectivity on short, mid and long-haul flights around the globe.

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