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Interview with Stephan Schroeder, VP Mobile, Internet & Content Deutsche Telekom ICSS

Mr Yi Zhou – CEO of Deutsche Telekom Asia

Deutsche Telekom International Carrier Sales & Solutions (ICSS) is one of the world’s leading wholesale powerhouses. Its deep reach into Western and Eastern Europe, coupled with its rapidly evolving digital service offering, make it a wholesaler to contend with. I had the chance to spend some time with Stephan Schroeder, VP Mobile, Internet & Content at Deutsche Telekom ICSS, to discuss evolving trends in the wholesale industry. We also discussed the role the DT unit will play in assisting operators to take advantage of the digital revolution to grow their business and offer innovative services.

Evolution of business models

What is your view of the telecom industry over the next few years and how do you see DT ICSS’ role in this evolution?

There is one concept that is gaining traction: We are pushing for a market where the data dump of traffic that comes from OTT players and content providers generates compensation. If an end-user pays to subscribe to an application, he expects a service that works with predictable and controlled quality, and without congestion. We are therefore aiming to establish an open and transparent industry standard in order to ensure interoperable IP transport offerings with quality assurance across network borders. Obviously, we will not block anyone’s traffic, but rather guarantee or secure quality in exchange for compensation. We will not prioritise bits, but rather commit to capacity. There is definitely a value in a commitment of uncongested capacity, as this enables end-user quality to be better managed.

Read the full interview conducted by market research company Hot Telecom here.

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