Secure your Website and Content with our ICSS Security Services

Website and content security have become more important than ever because today they are not simply a place to advertise a business. Websites have evolved into comprehensive retail and marketing platforms, consisting of various possibilities to purchase products, download software and updates, access business resources, and provide customer support.

These development have also made it easier for security breaches to occur, either through deliberate assaults or administrative oversight. The inevitable result is a loss of revenue, brand image and trust in the performance of the site from users and customers – a threefold dilemma. To ensure that your website is always available, your content secure and performance optimal, ICSS has developed a complete set of innovative security tools.

Secure Domain Name System (DNS)
To make sure that your website is always running and continuing to function at its best, we have developed a DNS management solution called ICSS Route. While we know that most businesses already have some type of DNS service in place, they are often based on outdated technology or deployed on insecure infrastructures. That’s why we have unveiled a revolutionary technology that is not only safer but also more effective and reliable. ICSS Route is a high-performance, high-availability, scalable and secure DNS platform that provides resilience against DDoS attacks and localized Internet failures. Since its routing is based on our global IP DNS network, it offers access from all around the world with amazingly quick response times. In addition, it is simple to configure and extremely cost-effective, partly because no up-front investment is required.

Secure Delivery
In order to guarantee secure and fast delivery, our CDN was built from the start to handle millions of simultaneous users as well as sudden spikes. That is the reason why our PoPs have been placed all around the globe in strategic locations with huge computing and caching power and direct connections to all major backbone networks. Besides, to ensure your content is delivered exactly where you want, when you want and how you want, we implement our HTTP rules engine. This gives you precise delivery control with added benefits, including reducing load on your origin servers by offloading your rules to our processing engine.

Secure Content
In addition to ensuring the availability of websites with optimum performance and secure delivery, content safety is of course extremely important. To that end we offer all types of SSL certificates; SWF, token and live authentication options; geo-filtering and protected HTTP streaming to encrypt video streams. The latter is done through HTTP Live Streaming (Apple) and Dynamic Streaming (Adobe), with end-user access controlled through digital rights management (DRM).

Secure Website and Web Applications
Malicious attacks against websites have unfortunately been on the rise with distributed denial of service (DDoS) occurrences continuously increasing in volume and severity. To help keep sites secure against DoS and DDoS attacks, ICSS offers its innovative DDoS identification and mitigation technologies. Furthermore, our Web Application Firewall protects your web applications against malicious payloads and specific types of assaults, such as SQL Injections, bots and cross-site scripts. With WAF embedded in our global CDN network, it completes our DDoS mitigation service offering on all network layers.

IP Transit Security
In addition to all our CDN safety measures, our IP Transit Security offering provides security solutions across our Tier 1 IP platform. It is a state-of-the-art DOS and DDoS defense system with a big difference: It includes the possibility to work proactively, by instantly detecting possible attacks when they happen. With transparent reporting and management tools, anomalies can be immediately discovered and routed to security areas while unwanted traffic is blocked. To ensure quick response and mitigation, a team of specialists is available 24/7 over a hotline number, so that defense systems can be swiftly initiated.

More detailed information about our 360° defense strategy can be found here.

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