A higher level of messaging protection

Booming messaging market needs enhanced protection - ICSS responds with state-of-the-art security and delivery solutions

In the October/November issue of Capacity Magazine, our own Christian Wollner and Matja Percan discuss the growing importance of application-to-person messaging, why A2P traffic in particular needs added safety protection and what ICSS is doing to support that challenge.

Studies have predicted that the A2P SMS market will boom over the next few years, with some claiming a yield of 70 billion dollars in 2020. Since this type of communication takes place between applications and subscribers, any disruptions or problems with service can have devastating results to the businesses operating them. That is why it is crucial that A2P messages are delivered reliably and securely and that undesired traffic does not block networks. Not only do delivery difficulties frustrate subscribers, they also cause damage to a provider’s reputation and diminish revenue.

With the difficulties that face A2P in mind, ICSS launched a service called SMS+, which is an integral part of our 360° Defense Strategy. SMS+ is an SS7-based solution that protects against SMS fraud and optimizes delivery, making it perfect for mobile operators, SMS aggregators and OTT players. Since this product offers a centralized A2P security service, messages can be terminated to many networks via one single access point. That is a great advantage over competitor offerings as customers only need to work with one company, one contract and one currency.

SMS+ is actually made up of two different solutions. The first is a firewall service we call SMS+ Protect, which identifies and blocks fraudulent SMS messages. Unlike other such tools, it features dynamic filtering so it is able to detect the ever-changing behavior of grey-route traffic. The second product is called SMS+ Transit. It delivers messages over an SMS hub that utilizes high-quality A2P channels, thus enabling quick termination of traffic. Our current experience with A2P optimization will help us enhance future technologies. For example, one idea that will benefit RCS is our centralized communication hub strategy that can enable richer communication with chatbots.

To find our more information on this exciting subject, see the full interview here

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