Encrypted Lambda Offers Proven Security Certification

The highest security certification in Europe has recently been awarded to Ciena for their optical encryption solutions – a first in the industry. This is big news for us, as we partner with Ciena on our Encrypted Lambda service, which protects data ‘in flight’, that is, as it travels from one location to another over fiber optic networks.

This latest certification comes from the German Federal Office of Information Security (BSI). It comes on top of the certification the solution has already obtained for the US government’s FIPS standard for all technology products and devices used in government agencies. This means, we are able to offer our customers the truly best end-to-end security and data protection for their in-flight data.

Encrypted Lambda is part of our 360° security strategy. It is different from other solutions because it works over Layer 1 and is hardware instead of software based. Higher layer solutions  call for computation, which adds latency and needs more maintenance and skill, resulting in higher costs. With our service, it is possible to handle extremely large volumes of data with lightning speed at affordable prices. Plus, it’s scalable, with client capacities from 10G to 100G.

As data theft becomes increasingly commonplace, and with tighter government-mandated security regulations, organizations must have the best possible protection for their valuable assets. By cooperating with Ciena, we are able to deliver an encryption solution that is certified by third-parties for a range of applications across all industry sectors.

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