Encrypted Lambda from Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier

Data is a valuable asset that provides immense monetary worth to businesses. And as its volumes increase, so does its value. That’s why the latest predictions from Cisco and IDC regarding the growth of data has attracted so much attention. In fact, IDC has forecasted that by 2025, worldwide data volumes will reach 175 zettabytes. Remember, a zettabyte is a trillion gigabytes – making 175 ZB an astounding number. 

With the amount of global data increasing at such a great pace, it is extremely important to make sure safeguards are in place every step of the way. That includes defending data while it is travelling across worldwide networks. Believe it or not, this has been a weak point in data security; one that has not been overlooked by cyber criminals who have increasingly targeted unprotected, in-transit data – an easy victim. 

High-performance Layer 1 encryption service with ultra-low latency and scalable bandwidth

To hinder this type of cyber criminality, Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier has developed a true innovation within its Lambda Connect offering and as part of their larger 360° security strategy. This pioneering solution is called Encrypted Lambda. As the name suggests, it encrypts data while in transit via Lambda service. What makes it superior to other solutions is that it works over Layer 1 and is hardware-based. In addition, it allows the customer to manage security operations without third-party involvement, which gives added protection.

Conventionally, traveling data is encrypted over Layer 3 or 4, and solutions are software-based. Those types of solutions negatively impact data throughput performance because software computation is needed during the data flow. That means applications run sluggishly and latency is added. In addition, they are more expensive, as more servers, more manpower, more maintenance and more skills are required to keep the system running. If large volumes of data need to be handled, encryption costs can become prohibitive.

With Encrypted Lambda from Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier, extremely large volumes of data can be encrypted with high performance and speed, and manageable monthly costs.
In addition to the exceptional benefits already noted, the solution also provides high security. That’s because it allows encryption at the client’s site, where they alone control all security parameters. This includes managing and setting certificates and the double set of authentication keys. If any
anomalies occur, the system automatically triggers an alarm, which immediately alerts the customer.

This unique optical level encryption solution was developed by Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier in partnership with Ciena, a leading networking, services and software company. Encrypted Lambda can handle encrypted traffic up to 200G per wavelength. Even with the biggest quantities of data over large distances, it enables lightning speed throughput at extremely low latency.

Data transport speed and security will be even more crucial in the future as technologies in the areas
of IoT, M2M, AI, SD-WAN and 5G grow. That will bring about a rise in volumes of data as well as a need for real-time decision-making and responses. Think autonomous driving, remote surgery, smart factories, mobile broadcasting, robotics or AR and VR services. As organizations begin to prepare their business systems for upcoming technologies, they need data transport methods that can easily scale to their needs while offering the highest speed and security - all attributes which are fully supported by Encrypted Lambda.

Today, with data the most precious resource of business, no organization can afford to take chances when it comes to data security or speed. This is especially important for multi-national companies with proprietary or developmental-stage information that needs protection from malicious actors. Encrypted Lambda encrypts data before it leaves the client’s premises and keeps it encrypted as it travels across the network until it reaches its end destination. That safety, combined with the capacity to cost-effectively handle huge amounts of data at lightning speed, makes Encrypted Lambda the only genuinely viable choice on today’s market.

This article is also part of a "Special Supplement" to be distributed at the Telekom Review Summit 2019 event, on December 10, in Dubai.

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