Deutsche Telekom wins mobile network tests across Europe

Along with its many affiliates across Europe, Deutsche Telekom has won a huge series of the highest commendations for mobile network performance. The group is a runaway winner of the industry’s highest benchmark tests on stability, coverage and data rates. This award again validates the superiority of our high-performance AS 3320 IP network. 

Check out the infographics below and learn in which countries Deutsche Telekom’s affiliates outperformed the competition.

The tests are conducted by the telco magazine connect and P3 Communications, and are considered the highest benchmark for mobile network testing.
They have been conducted over the last 25 years in Germany and Austria, with additional countries added over time. Results are based on elaborate driving and walking tests as well as crowdsourcing. The latter provides a better picture of the performance that actually arrives at the user, by analyzing the databases of popular apps.

This is the 8th year in a row that Deutsche Telekom has led the German field with high-quality and stable connection in the areas of voice, data and on the roads. With voice telephony, both in Germany and Austria, DT showed the shortest call setup times. In both countries, they also scored best in the data discipline, whether in city or town walk or drive tests, as well as on the road.

‘Best in Test’ certificates were also presented to several other Deutsche Telekom affiliates. Hrvatski Telekom in Croatia was given a top score of 918 out of 1000 possible points for their mobile performance in 2017. In 2018, the year crowd sourcing was added to testing parameters, T-Mobile Czech Republic and Slovak Telekom were the clear winners. Magyar Telekom NYRT similarly achieved ‘Best in Test’ after P3 communications drove over 6000 kilometers to cover 35% of the population in Hungary last year. 

To top off all these awards, we are especially proud to announce that T-Mobile Netherlands achieved the highest scores ever seen in a P3 connect test. To honor those high numbers, they were presented with an award for ‘Best Network Testing Worldwide’. This is no small achievement considering a whopping 34 percent of the Dutch population were accounted for during the tests.

The mobile network tests from connect and P3 are broadly accepted as the leading objective authority in the field. P3, based in Aachen Germany, has compiled more than 60 thousand measurement hours in 70 countries and covered almost one million kilometers with its fleet of test vehicles.

The positive test results confirm the outstanding performance of our AS 3320 and again prove the quality of Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier’s IP backbone model. However, the awards were not won by chance: Deutsche Telekom invests several billion euros every year in building and enhancing networks.

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