Driving the Future of a New Telco World

Executive Briefing in the name of Rolf Nafziger, Senior Vice President Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier (ITW Daily, June 24, 2019)

Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier provides seamless global connectivity, on the ground as well as in the air. We make that possible through the continual development of cutting-edge solutions that foresee the needs of a swiftly transforming tomorrow. With our comprehensive and future-proof portfolio, we intend to be a driving force in shaping the future of the industry.

Revealing Business Potential

Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier is an integral part of Deutsche Telekom. We have the resources and know-how to create real value in the marketplace by uncovering innovative business opportunities. With a new structure in place, we are ready to tap into the extraordinary potential afforded by technologies such as IoT, A2P, SD-WAN, 5G – or whatever future evolutions bring. And with our expanded and streamlined offerings, we provide everything from one source. To save customers both time and money.

Transparency and Fast Innovation

We additionally reduce costs and effort for clients through digitalization, AI and big data. This gives us a highly transparent and centralized overview of processes, resulting in faster ordering, delivery and management. With clearer and quicker insights, areas of potential growth can be better identified. So we can more quickly innovate in advance of evolving challenges and technologies. Fast innovation has become more critical, particularly with the increase of autonomous devices and IoT. This type of traffic needs to be handled differently. That’s why we continually develop our IPX platform and look into tailor-made IoT solutions. To that end, we are participating in a new inter-carrier quality manifesto. In its call to action, it lists requirements to build frameworks that support critical IoT traffic.

Customer-Centric Partnerships

Today it is more important than ever for wholesale telco providers to foster innovation. And the best way to quickly develop new solutions is to work closely with our clients and partners. That is one reason why we’re concentrating on customer-centric solutions. It also allows us to be sure we’re providing the best customer experience, while giving the market what it really needs and wants. Proof of how fruitful smart partnerships can be is the European Aviation Network. EAN is the world’s first complementary satellite and ground-based LTE solution that brings true broadband Wi-Fi to European airlines. We worked with many leading partners from all across the continent to successfully launch this innovation.

Sleek Organization

To deliver faster innovation, higher flexibility and streamlined processes, we have reshaped our business structure. Today we have five vertical areas: Internet & Content, Access & Transport Management, Voice & Mobile Services, Commercial Roaming Services, and Inflight Connectivity Services. Voice trading and mobility services have been joined, as these two products have become interdependent. Carrier Enterprise Services is now called Access & Transport Services, which is a more appropriate name for its function. The other verticals remain as they were in name and purpose.

One-Source Provider

With our newly implemented strategy and structure, we want to make it clear that clients can get everything they need from one provider. We have the most comprehensive portfolio on the market. 

In addition to EAN’s ‘just-like-at-home’ broadband connectivity, we offer extensive security coverage with our 360° Defense Strategy including DDoS, fraud, SMS and SS7 protection. In addition, we provide a unique Mobile IP-VPN service. With it, documents can be safely accessed from remote or temporary locations. Our mobile connectivity products are wide-ranging and offer fast, seamless connectivity and best-in-class Wi-Fi Roaming. Those are just a few in a long list of services we provide.

The Work Never Stops

At Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier, we continually work on enhancing solutions or developing new ones. One new service is called Regional Packet Gateway. It routes data roaming traffic to one of our local gateways at strategic points around the world – instead of back to the user’s home network. This results in the extremely fast speeds needed for scenarios such as autonomous driving, connected cars or remote surgery. Also recently launched is our Secure Cloud Connect, which allows customers to quickly and easily establish access to cloud service providers. Our Public Cloud Connect service links to cloud providers over public internet through our secure IP Transit network. We also have a new Data Center Mirroring solution for double the data protection, and a unique Inflight App that makes connecting to onboard Wi-Fi easier than ever.

Through optimization of our business processes and portfolio offerings, we guarantee the best user experience with future-proof solutions from one reliable source: Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier.


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