DT announces new Universal Wi-Fi Access solution

BONN, GERMANY, 7th May 2018 - Deutsche Telekom International Carrier Sales & Solutions (ICSS), the wholesale arm of Deutsche Telekom, today announced its new Universal Wi-Fi Access solution. It allows Mobile Network Operators to quickly offer access across the Deutsche Telekom Wi-Fi footprint including In-flight Wi-Fi, without the need for their own Wi-Fi platform.
Service providers can incorporate any customer-facing online platform, such as a website or a virtual assistant application, to interact with the user and easily generate credentials to access the Deutsche Telekom footprint.

The Universal Wi-Fi Access solution offers a personalized, efficient experience. After accredited credentials have been uploaded to the DT authorization server, users retrieve their access codes or credentials directly on their devices. The service also incorporates fraud protection, as consumption, as well as the number of sessions and devices for each digital credential, can be controlled.

Francesco Votta, Senior Product Manager at Deutsche Telekom International Carrier Sales & Solutions, said: “Deutsche Telekom created this pure wholesale solution following a rapid innovation cycle by precisely addressing customer demands. Service providers interested in offering easy access to the Telekom In-flight services will benefit from this true plug-and-play service, without the need for a RADIUS server or other Wi-Fi-specific infrastructure. They can launch fast and simple Wi-Fi roaming and focus on what they do best: provide seamless internet access to their subscribers even when they are aboard an airplane.”
The solution will also enable service providers to deliver access to Deutsche Telekom’s European Inflight footprint, including to the European Aviation Network (EAN) later this year. EAN is a unique solution providing high-performance broadband Wi-Fi on airplanes above Europe. EAN combines state-of-the-art S-band satellite technology from Inmarsat with a complementary LTE-based ground network built and managed by Deutsche Telekom.

About Deutsche Telekom: www.telekom.com/en/company/at-a-glance

About Deutsche Telekom International Carrier Sales & Solutions (ICSS)
International Carrier Sales & Solutions (ICSS) is one of the world's leading carriers and an innovation driver for IP-based solutions. As an integral part of Deutsche Telekom’s International Wholesale Business Unit, ICSS serves the international wholesale requirements of the DT Group with its international affiliates and more than 900 external customers worldwide. One of the units’ core competencies is to focus on building business partnerships around the globe. With years of experience in the international wholesale communication market, ICSS has the expertise to provide clients with tailor-made solutions. The innovative technologies are offered on a global basis with a special emphasis on Europe.
The cutting-edge offerings of ICSS include the following business segments:
Internet & Content: Enable a connected society by partnering with one of the premier European Internet and content players.
Mobile World: Mobilize your customers’ lives with innovative and profitable solutions from ICSS, a premium mobile enabler.

Carrier Enterprise Services: Securely connect your customer’s global sites with a major European multi-service provider.

Global Voice: Excellence and innovation with scale from the international market leader for retail voice termination.

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