Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier – Ready for DESS & Diameter Firewall

Security is of course one of today’s hottest mobile roaming issues. At Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier, we are committed to ensuring our entire portfolio offers the highest protection possible. To support our goal of safeguarding our clients’ most valuable assets, we’re currently developing a Diameter End-to-End Security Solution (DESS) as well as a new 4G Firewall.

DESS is designed to be a central 4G roaming security platform. It will guarantee end-to-end Diameter security solution to mobile network operators connected to Deutsche Telekom’s inherently secure international IPX network. It will also provide the same end-to-end security for 5G NSA networks and their end users as the 5G SA is offering.

Currently we are looking for Proof-of-Concept (POC) partners for both the DESS and 4G Firewall services, as well as for a GTP Firewall. In this way, we open our defense solutions to the entire global mobile operator market and enable participants to benefit from these studies.

At Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier, we offer powerful protection across different technologies and standards. To ensure our customers are given the crucial advantage they need in today’s highly competitive marketplace, we continue to enhance our complete range of products and services, including our IPX platform.

DESS, 4G Firewall and GTP Firewall are currently in the spotlight, but we won’t stop there. We are continually on the lookout for more ways to support our clients in the future.

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