Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier – Ready for 5G Roaming

5G SA deployments are gaining speed as more and more operators are implementing and testing the innovative 5G service capabilities. The new functionalities operators are most interested in include network slicing, campus networks or also simply experimenting with the new broadband capabilities 5G enables. To support our customers in this industry transformation, we’re currently running several proof of concepts in the 5G roaming arena.

Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier announced in June the deployment of our 5G core backbone to support 5G roaming. We are now happy to announce that we are running one of the first large scale intercontinental proof of concepts (POC) with Tier 1 operators for our new 5G Signaling and Security solutions.

We are currently testing all different security scenarios as recommended by the GSMA. This includes tests where two operators roam directly with a combination of their own as well as our hosted Security Edge Protection Proxy (SEPP) solutions. Additionally, we plan to expand the scope by interconnecting a further carrier along the chain to test a real live scenario.

We are also planning a further POC for roaming value-added services (RVAS) aiming to test how the new security concept of 5G impacts the roaming VAS ecosystem. The aim is to explore how important value-added services can be offered, and which other VAS might be introduced thanks to the new service orchestration of 5G.

We are also deploying a new network slicing roaming sandbox environment to allow operators to test network slicing roaming with all GSMA recommendations regarding standard slicing roaming, blueprint roaming and slicing orchestration handover. We also want to gain experience on how a network slice proposition impacts the data routing.

Currently we are looking for innovators and early movers to join us as we scope and plan the POCs for both the RVAS and the network slicing roaming functionality.

Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier is leading the way in the 5G telco transformation. We are at a stage where the telecommunications industry is heavily adapting its business functions, from operating the network itself to managing the various partners in its ecosystem. Furthermore, cloudification and network exposure functions allow new models which allow the industry to move from cooperation to joint active collaboration. We need to test and learn together. Join us!

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