Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier – Ready for 5G Roaming!

One of today’s hot topics is of course 5G. At Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier we are already taking steps to support the enablement of technologies requiring 5G by adapting our entire portfolio and launching new products. We are doing this to be prepared for the boom in data volume 5G will cause, the different security implications it will bring, and the swiftness with which it can overtake the industry.

We are now working on an HTTP/2 solution; a central routing platform where operators can configure all signaling protocols. Currently we are looking for Proof-of-Concept (POC) partners. It will be valid for the new 5G protocol as well as older ones. As security is a strong pillar of the new 5G architecture, we are also aiming to offer SEPP for 5G as soon it will be specified by GSMA.

In the meantime, to offer consistent security across different technologies and standards, we are launching our new diameter firewall, which will round out our SMS and SS7 deliverables. We are also deploying DESS (diameter end-to-end security for 4G signaling) to provide the same high security and encryption for 4G roaming. Moreover, we’re presently preparing a POC for a GTP firewall.

In order to ensure that our customers are given the crucial advantage they need in today’s highly competitive marketplace, we continue to enhance our IPX platform. Last year we developed a product called Premium IPX, which offers end-to-end SLAs, quality of service and key performance indicator improvements. With 5G, such improvements to the current state of IPX are urgently needed.  

We’re also investing further in our Regional Packet Gateway solution, in order to obtain more locations and thus provide the ultra-low latency offered by local breakout, instead of home routing. It continues to provide home operators with full control of quality for their roaming customers. This service will become increasingly important as critical IoT use cases rapidly grow. As 5G facilitates new concepts such as network slices, campus networks and edge computing, we are also supporting QoS on edge computing on the border of our IPX network with cloud connect solutions.

At Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier our aim is to reduce the complexities of 5G enablement. That’s why, with our 5G core supporting backbone, we’re focusing on a variety of solutions, and have already made great strides, especially in the areas of signaling, security and low-latency traffic efficacy. But we won’t stop there. We are on the continual lookout for more ways to support our clients with their future 5G endeavors.

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