Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier Celebrates its 25 Years Anniversary

This year, Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier is proud to commemorate a quarter century of success. This is a notable achievement in the volatile telco marketplace, and testimony to our great resilience and strength. We believe a major factor leading to our positive performance has been our close relationship with customers, who are among the first to point the way toward upcoming trends and requirements.

The anniversary coincides with the recent merging of Deutsche Telekom’s entire telecommunications business into one entity: Telekom Deutschland GmbH. With fresh goals and a forward-looking motto called “Connecting Tomorrow”, our 25th birthday is truly a transition point to a new era.

Building on our positive past, the new organizational setup facilitates countless opportunities for a collaborative future. We will push forward with our plans for additional partnerships, superior innovations and easy access to upcoming technologies. Already today we are heavily investing in advancing applications for blockchain, big data, IoT, security, 5G, IPX and much more.

As one of the first commercial wholesale providers in the industry, we started life in 1996.

Since the beginning we have closely cooperated with our colleagues from the technical department of Deutsche Telekom, who had developed a premier global network. They also help customers around the world with maintenance and management of the communications infrastructure.

In the International Network Management Center (INMC) those engineers work around the clock, to keep an eye on important parameters of the international transport and service networks in real time. Their tasks not only consist of rerouting lines, handling impending overloads or negotiating prices for fallback lines. They also are able to take immediate mitigation action when trouble strikes – because our network and services never sleep.

By 2002, we had already set up PoPs in more than 40 countries and launched the industry’s first VoIP platform. Our efforts to organize the first commercial carrier meetings were instrumental in establishing a wholesale ‘community’, the benefits of which have become increasingly apparent over the years.  With the growth of our business, we swiftly became a leading, Tier1 provider. Our cross-European capacity was strengthened when we integrated GTS in 2014. Just three years later we implemented our award-winning 360° Defense Strategy, a comprehensive defense portfolio, comprised of inherently secure products and innovative protection solutions.

At Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier, we do not let natural physical barriers stop us in our quest for pioneering developments. One proof of that can be seen with our groundbreaking European Aviation Network, the first broadband connectivity solution for flights over Europe. As the ultimate challenge, it has proven our ability to provide excellent connectivity solutions both on the ground and in the air.

Although no one knows what the future may bring, we will persist in delivering superior solutions that meet the needs of a continually evolving telco landscape. Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier: Connecting Tomorrow.

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