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March 26, 2020

Voice update

The current Coronavirus situation has affected the business of many of our partners and customers. We are aware that many of you require quick help and we are prepared to do just that. Please know that we have initiated measures. We have reviewed the load situation on our voice platform and are constantly monitoring utilization regarding interconnect capacity for our customers and vendors.

We have seen a significant increase in voice traffic – for certain destinations up to 100 %. This requires flexible adaptations of interconnect capacity and traffic routing so that a high level of quality can be ensured. Important to note is that our platform is extremely robust and can cope with up to double the normal traffic volumes. If we see any difficulties, we are ready to take immediate mitigating action.

Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier has the resources and know-how to withstand a hardship such as the one we are now undergoing. In addition to our ongoing 24/7 support service, we have set up offerings to provide our clients and partners with more flexibility. Those include proposals such as the ability to defer current orders or to obtain short-term capacity upgrades. We are standing by to help in case you need upgrades.

You can be certain that we will be able to handle your most vital requirements. During these challenging times, it is imperative that we help each other make it through to the next successful business chapter. For further information, please contact your Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier representative.


March 19, 2020

Business Continuity During the Coronavirus Situation

At Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier we are well prepared to ensure the reliability of our telecommunication networks during the Covid-19 crisis. These are critical infrastructures which are currently in high demand as more and more people work from home or are online in lieu of outside social activities. To that end we have initiated emergency plans and created 24/7 working groups to monitor network traffic patterns and mitigate any negative scenarios such as capacity bottlenecks.  We are also ready to immediately boost data center capacity if the need arises.

For our partners, we have established special offerings that will help meet their customers demands. Those range from deferment of current orders to short-term capacity upgrades. Thanks to our strong resources as a Tier 1 provider, we are able to ensure business continuity. That includes our promise to our clients of many basic operations such as 24/7 maintenance and repair. We will soon send information about these proposals directly to our partners.

Please be assured that we are able to secure your most critical business needs. As the situation evolves, we will continue to take additional measures to provide solutions as quickly as possible. Thank you for your continued confidence in our services.

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