Capacity speaks to Bertold Frech

Read in this Capacity interview with our Bertold Frech, how Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier is evolving its carrier enterprise offering to cope with the challenges of a fast transforming market.

How is Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier taking carrier enterprise to the next level?
Our unit is strongly focusing on digitization and automation of our business combined with continuous expansion of our product portfolio and geographical coverage. We have launched a set of new products like “Secure Cloud Connect” and “IP VPN mobile”. These are continuously expanded, functionality enhanced and new uses cases generated. In parallel, we have added the USA as part of our “one-stop-shop” offering for our customers with proven performance and attractive price levels.

Last but not least, we are continuously improving and digitizing our internal processes. We have, for example, just upgraded the processes and related IT architecture in our central and eastern European region.

Security and safer connectivity is more important than ever today, how is Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier evolving to mitigate any risk?
At Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier, we have designed a 360° security concept that covers all areas of our business portfolio. This includes our DDOS defense suite for IP traffic, fraud protection in voice or A2P messaging gateways. In the carrier enterprise space, we are using certified private VPN network technology to protect our customers. The whole security suite is continuously upgraded to cope with the ever-evolving threats in the different areas. Additionally, all activities are embedded in the Deutsche Telekom-wide security strategy and closely interworking with our dedicated German security unit focusing on consumer and B2B security solutions.

How is your Secure Cloud Connect service for private cloud customers?
We are very proud of our innovative “Secure Cloud Connect” product which has seen extremely quick adoption and take-up in the market. We are addressing the security needs of the carriers and their enterprise customers by enabling private, secure and redundant access to a suite of cloud providers and data centers in Europe and the USA. The service leverages our security capabilities combined with easy scalability and fast implementation times. We have designed a pre-configured private network connecting approximately 40 cloud providers globally to enable this service.

How is Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier further expanding its services organically and via partners geographically worldwide?
At Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier, we have a strong focus on cross-functional, continuous product innovation. We combine our in-house capabilities with Deutsche Telekom’s internal and external partners to make sure we are leading in innovation speed and are able to continuously fill our innovation pipeline. Working in agile, cross-functional teams we benefit from the experience in our different product verticals and can generate new ideas leveraging the capabilities of all teams. However, our innovation is not limited to product development. We are also exploring innovative ways in the sales and operations areas. We have launched, for example, a sales unit named Marveltec in Asia as an independent agency. With this model, we have generated an entrepreneurial approach in the area that is based on the longstanding, trusted cooperation with our former Asian employees who have spun-off Marveltec in order to be more flexible in the market. This has generated a strong push of our Asian business as Marveltec’s income is solely based on their local sales success.

Since you joined Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier Bertold, how have you seen the marketplace evolve? In particular with cloud-based services over recent years?
The rapid evolution of cloud services in the consumer and enterprise space is driving significant change in the wholesale industry as well. Higher connectivity speeds, SD-WAN technology adoption and secure access to cloud services are just a few examples. Some of these trends, like SD-WAN, are still in an early stage with limited standardization and a set of competing technologies. We also observe the increased usage of DWDM services by large enterprise customers to connect their in-house data centers. All these changes have an increasing need for flexible, stable and secure services for wholesale and their enterprise customers in common. At Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier, we are perfectly equipped to serve this demand using our extensive backbone and access networks, a full suite of innovative products, focus on security and last but not least our wide geographical coverage.

What are your personal objectives for Capacity Europe 2018?
The Capacity Europe conference is a great opportunity to meet many customers and partners in a short period of time. It not only helps to nurture existing relationships and build new ones but also to get a good overview about market trends in the industry. The days during the conference are typically loaded with many meetings and discussions and are intense for all participants. The evening events and Capacity Award ceremony balances this intensity with an opportunity for informal discussions and a more relaxing atmosphere. I am very much looking forward to the Capacity Europe conference as it provides a unique opportunity to network and get the latest industry insights.

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