Safe connectivity for enterprises more important than ever

Deutsche Telekom’s International Carrier Sales & Solutions (ICSS) unit helps keep networks safe with innovative security solutions for the specific requirements of enterprise clients. Based on a one-stop-shop concept, ICSS provides solutions that are easy to implement, highly efficient and continually enhanced.

Enterprises have never before been so dependent on secure connectivity. Today, employees no longer work together in one building but from a variety of locations, often scattered across far-reaching parts of the world. The applications and devices they use also steadily multiply in number, sometimes creating harmful omissions in oversight. At the same time, cybercrime is on the rise, and growing in complexity. To protect enterprises and the networks of the service providers they count on, Deutsche Telekom ICSS offers a wide variety of security services especially devised for multi-site business customers.

When ICSS’s IP-VPN Mobile Access product was launched about a year-and-a-half ago, Deutsche Telekom’s ICSS unit was the first to integrate the fixed and mobile line under the same proposition to create a standard offering internationally. This solution uses mobile radio technology for network access, thus providing a real alternative to fixed-line connectivity offerings.

Gabor Deri, Head of Solution Management, ICSS Carrier Enterprise Services, said that it can “overcome all geographical limitations, network deployment constraints or implementation time barriers and yet be flexibly adaptable to actual customer needs.”

IP-VPN Mobile Access is ideal for hard-to-reach or temporary sites – or even for those just needing quick deployment. Based on the MPLS global IP backbone of Deutsche Telekom, it uses secure connections along the entire transmission path and can be easily integrated into the existing VPN of an enterprise. Flat rate pricing and scalable usage – from 30 to 150 GB per month – makes it easy to keep within budget and eliminates worrying about inadvertently high expenditures.

ICSS also provides a cost-efficient carrier Ethernet service with different topologies from point to point up to Ethernet LANs. Ethernet transport runs over Deutsche Telekom’s MPLS network, and provides any-to-any VPLS. That means enterprises can enjoy all the benefits of LAN functionality over long distances, even globally. Benefits also include high-speed data transmission, great security, reliable availability and bandwidth scalability. Since many enterprises already maintain Ethernet networks, transitioning to this solution is very cost-effective. Plus, clients maintain complete IP routing control as this is a Layer 2 service.


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