Deutsche Telekom ICSS: Leading from the Front

Dr. Rolf Nafziger, SVP of the International Wholesale Business Unit at Deutsche Telekom (DT) speaks to Jason McGee-Abe about how the ICSS division is ahead of the game when it comes to mitigating fraud and cyber attacks

DT ICSS focusses strongly on network security and launched its 360° Defence Strategy programme at ITW this year. How has implementing this across all ICSS product segments been received?

The reception has been very well received by customers, partners, and within the Deutsche Telekom Group. Security is one of the biggest topics in our industry, as the number of attacks and fraudulent episodes increase on a seemingly daily basis. Being able to have one source for all security needs – whether in voice, mobile or data – allows our clients to provide a comprehensive, across-the-board defence strategy that is simpler, faster and more cost-effective. For the well-being of our wide range of clientele, we take our responsibility to stop fraudulent activities very seriously. In addition to our wholesale clients, Deutsche Telekom also serves a strong retail customer base. We are therefore committed to ensuring security in our own networks, in order to avoid revenue and reputation loss for all parties. The advanced security measures we implement have become a known factor in our brand identity and is why we have become such a highly trusted security partner.

Read the full interview with Dr. Rolf Nafziger in the in the August / September 2017 issue of Capacity magazine.

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