Telecoms World Asia 2019

March 26 – 27, 2019, Bangkok, Thailand
With more than 600 attendees, more than 120 speakers and more than 40 sponsors, Telecoms World Asia welcomes its delegates in 2019 under the headline “ SERVING THE NEEDS OF ASIA’S TELCOS FOR THE NEXT DECADE”. Join our Internet and Content experts as well as our partner MarvelTec at Telecoms World Asia in Bangkok.

The story behind the event:

As we evolve towards a truly digital economy, the world is now in a phase of disruptive transformation and the telco industry is right at the center of these changes and challenges. 5G technology will offer more speed, greater efficiency and less latency. The Internet of Things will offer more opportunities for connected devices...

But to shape the digital economy, we need to become truly digital companies, adapting to new technologies, new revenue streams and new business models, while embracing new challenges. The rise of IoT will create cybersecurity challenges. Blockchain technology could disrupt the way how we do business…

The conference agenda is focusing on these topics: 

  • Networks Virtualization
    Network transformation through virtualization & cloud technologies
  • 5G 
    Next Gen mobile connectivity
  • Wholesale
    Capacity, content and collaboration
  • IoT
    Unlocking telco opportunities in the smart city & industry 4.0
  • Telco 4.0
    Innovation, partnerships & new business models

Don't miss the WHOLESALE LEADERS' PANEL on March 26:


Traditional wholesale services are being commoditized, and wholesalers are under increasing price pressure from new OTT players. How are wholesalers responding?

  • New customers, new business models and revenue streams – How are wholesalers adapting to the winds of change?
  • What opportunities will virtualization and software-defined technologies offer to wholesalers looking to innovate?
  • Cross-industry collaboration – What are the initiatives in establishing partnerships with third-party organizations?
  • How will IoT lead to and support shifts in wholesalers’ strategies?
  • Where is the next wave of opportunities?

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