Protect your users from multi-faceted attacks against the global signaling network

Hackers are increasingly taking advantage of the vulnerabilities of Signaling System No. 7 (SS7) protocols. They listen to calls, read messages and can even locate individual users. To safeguard your mobile users as well as your reputation, ICSS now offers its powerful SS7 Firewall solution. It quickly and efficiently identifies and stops damaging third party attacks.


  • Developed by our special taskforce, with customer requirements in mind
  • Central adaptation to new attack scenarios – your involvement not needed
  • GUI for monitoring, reporting and alarming
  • The SS7 Firewall will be continually refined and upgraded
  • Defend your brand image by offering a secure signaling network
  • Fully compliant with GSMA PRD F.11
  • Conforms to national and international security requirements

The Solution

Due to loopholes in the global SS7 system as well as the exponential growth of cell phone usage, privacy breaches in mobile networks have become increasingly frequent. To cope with this problem, Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier has developed a solid solution protecting its customers from signaling attacks.

We have designed a centrally managed SS7 Firewall, which is delivered as a full-protection solution. It analyzes the signaling security of the traffic at the network border, monitors all types of well-known SS7 threats and is constantly refined to adapt to new types of signaling attacks. 

The firewall solution thus detects and then eliminates critical, flawed or manipulated content, keeping your mobile network clean as well as your subscriber loyalty high. A number of mobile operators contributed to developing this comprehensive solution by sharing their requirements, and are already experiencing the 360° protection of our high-level architecture SS7 Firewall.
Learn more about our 360° defense strategy

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