Protect your customers and network from the unwanted business (SMS) messages

SMS+ Protect helps operators worldwide by offering protection mechanisms against unpaid use of their network. A unique functionality of this service lies in its ability to dynamically identify and block unwanted SMS messages based on SS7. Most other verification systems are static, and therefore cannot detect the continually changing behavior of grey route traffic.


  • Full protection for mobile operators
  • Differentiation between A2P and P2P traffic
  • Effectively stops unwanted SMS fraud messages and thus creates higher subscriber satisfaction
  • Maximizes the SMS revenue on business messaging by eliminating the so called “grey troute” messaging traffic
  • Flexible and customer friendly commercial models

The Solution

SMS fraud is a costly problem for mobile operators. Our SMS+ Protect is an SS7-based dynamic authentication solution that identifies and blocks SMS spams, spooks, fakes, floods and ghost messages. As opposed to static authentication tools, it detects the continually changing behavior of grey route traffic that bypass termination fees. In addition, it frees up network bandwidth for revenue-producing traffic, provides higher user satisfaction and helps safeguard your brand reputation.

Recently Deutsche Telekom's wholesale arm joined forces with SMS firewall and A2P filtering specialist Anam. Their combined solution boasts a broad range of dynamic filtering capabilities based on real-time monitoring. The suite of managed services delivers in-depth A2P traffic analysis and reporting, rules management and grey route identification.

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