Protect your website and content with Deutsche Telekom's DDoS Defense solutions

DDoS attacks are not only increasing in size, but also in frequency, duration and complexity. With our 360° backbone security solution we give our customers a solid answer to this growing threat. Take advantage of Deutsche Telekom’s global network which is fully optimized for the secure delivery of high-quality content: Our solution offers integrated DDoS protection through DT’s substantial backbone to tackle this expanding problem head-on.


  • Ensures continuous availability by helping protect against cyber crime
  • Eliminates loss of revenue, maintains productivity and enhances brand image
  • Comprehensively managed security, through Deutsche Telekom’s network
  • A variety of mitigation and counter-measure options
  • IP-backbone security solutions eliminate breaches before they occur
  • Highest security and reliability standards due to continual analysis of IP flows
  • Detailed reporting and monitoring with anomaly detection alarms

The Solution

That's 360°Defense: We use 4 methods of mitigation - Rate Limits, Mitigation Device, Filtering and Black Holing

DDoS protection achieved entirely through the network of DT
Deutsche Telekom’s DDoS Defense backbone security protects against volumetric DDoS attacks that are routed via Deutsche Telekom to our customer’s network. With a transparent reporting and management system, DDoS Defense backbone security spots attacks in advance so they can be stopped before impact. When discovered, traffic is rerouted to Deutsche Telekom’s security farm and filtered with defense tools from security software specialist Arbor Networks.

With a team of experts on hand 24/7 to ensure the safe delivery of our customer’s content, our network is one of the most secure in the world.

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