Protect your web applications against attacks and data theft

Securing business transactions and consumer data has become crucial for every company, to maintain trust as the fundamental basis for successful customer relationships. Our Web Security solutions defend your websites and applications against attacks and data theft, protecting your brand name and bottom line.

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Give your website extra protection against cyber criminals

Our Origin Site Shield blocks potential attackers from reaching the application origin, thus giving added security to your website.


  • Add a security layer
    Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier's Origin Site Shield helps keep attackers from directly accessing and targeting your origin infrastructure

  • Boost origin web security
    Inhibiting access to your origin infrastructure increases security and lowers the possibility of direct origin attacks

  • Lower infrastructure costs
    Combining connections to the origin lowers infrastructure costs
  • Enhance performance
    Our Origin Site Shield reduces the amount of connections to the origin, which increases the performance of your content delivery

  • Origin infrastructure shielding
    Conceals websites and applications from the public internet

  • Reduce origin load
    Lower the amount of connections to the origin infrastructure


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