Protect your web applications against attacks and data theft

Securing business transactions and consumer data has become crucial for every company, to maintain trust as the fundamental basis for successful customer relationships. Our Web Security solutions defend your websites and applications against attacks and data theft, protecting your brand name and bottom line.

Our Managed DNS enables faster page loads and responses

For optimal Domain Name System (DNS) performance

Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier's Managed DNS moves your DNS resolution into the cloud, providing more protection against massive DDoS attacks as well as improving speed and reliability. This also gives it closer proximity to users, no matter where they are in the world, guaranteeing high availability. With our focus on security, we’ve built safety into our Managed DNS, to ensure against drawbacks such as cache poisoning



  • Maximum availability and SLA
  • Protection against DDoS attacks on your DNS infrastructure
  • With DNSSEC, you are protected against DNS counterfeiting and other manipulations
  • Prevents DNS Cache Poisoning and other frequent types of attack
  • Faster page loading and shorter response times through the evaluation of information on the use and utilization of your infrastructure as well as on the user location


  • Can be configured as a Primary Managed or Secondary DNS Service
  • DNS service works “exclusively authoritatively” (responses relate exclusively to the monitored zone of the name server)
  • Complete DNS specification-compliant implementation and support of a wide range of different DNS entries
  • Simple integration as well as web and API-based management


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