Protect your web applications against attacks and data theft

Securing business transactions and consumer data has become crucial for every company, to maintain trust as the fundamental basis for successful customer relationships. Our Web Security solutions defend your websites and applications against attacks and data theft, protecting your brand name and bottom line.

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Reclaim control of bots – Monitor, control and block bots at your discretion.

Bots are omnipresent and are both a blessing and a curse. In addition to useful bots, there are unfortunately a lot of bots that not only impair your business success, but are even a danger to your company through fraud and by taking control of customer accounts. Our bot management solution provides you with an innovative bot detection system that is always one step ahead of current bot development.


  • Monitoring of website visitors: Monitor user interaction with your website, applications and content
  • Minimization of misuse: Protect your company and your customers against fraud and minimize your financial risk
  • Protect your online business: Control the use of your website to safeguard your online business success
  • Protection of your competitive position: Protect yourself against competitors in their attempts to match prices and content and secure your competitive advantage.


  • Innovative bot detection – By using big data and machine learning, even advanced bot activities can be distinguished from legitimate use
  • Permanent further development and improvement of bot detection and distinction of human behavior based on extensive usage data
  • Protection of websites and mobile apps
  • Individual adaptation of the available defense mechanisms according to your specific requirements
  • Detailed analyses and reports on bot data traffic, misuse attempts and their prevention.

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