Accelerate and optimize your web and mobile performance – for any device, any time and anywhere

Only optimal performance of your web presence offers the best possible user interaction, promotes customer loyalty and increases sales and success. With our solutions to accelerate and optimize the performance of your website, you can meet your users’ expectations of a consistent and best possible online experience.

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Accelerate the performance of your websites, web and mobile applications and APIs.
Telekom’s web acceleration solutions speed up the response times of your web applications, reduce content loading times and are scalable with your success. This enables you to increase user interaction and achieve best possible customer loyalty.


  • Independent hosting platform
    Our website acceleration service works in all hosting environments – at your location, in a data center or through a public cloud provider.

  • Maximum performance and scalability with lower infrastructure costs
    Our efficient performance acceleration solutions ensure optimal provision of your content – worldwide, on any device and extremely cost-effectively

  • Acceleration of dynamic web, mobile applications and APIs
    Interactive websites, web and mobile applications and APIs benefit from route optimization in real-time, which shortens loading times and thus makes dynamic content available quickly and reliably.

  • Improved user interaction
    Best-possible accelerated provision of content, be it website or web application, ensures optimal interaction with your users and therefore promotes sales and success.


  • Intelligent optimization of transmission channels
    Our web and mobile application acceleration service checks, analyzes, evaluates and optimizes the transmission channels from the origin server to the edge server in real-time.

  • Flexible, rule-based provision
    Rule-based provision of content gives you control over how and when the contents are offered. This means you can make decisions at the edge server and, in doing so, make your website even faster.


  • Acceleration through active retrieval of content
    The intelligent analysis of web use enables conclusions to be drawn about which content is required by the application. This means the page loading times can be shortened through pre-fetching and buffering of future content, providing a unique user experience.

  • Active failure protection and redundancy
    If the performance of a transmission channel deteriorates, the next best transmission channel is automatically used.

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