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A top web experience is key to driving engagement with your audience and to your online revenues. Benefit from our Web Acceleration services to optimize the performance of your online presence and exceed your customers’ expectations.

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Our front-end optimization dramatically improves the performance of your website

Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier's Web Performance Optimization suite improves performance where it counts. So users get your applications and content faster than ever before, optimized for whatever device they choose. Boost your revenue and reputation with our front-end optimization solution.



Our Web Performance Optimization, for superior user experience

  • Optimizes content for users’ network connection, device, operating system and browser
  • Anywhere, any device, any time – the best performance available
  • Automatic and quick delivery of optimized content performance
  • Reduces churn rates, keeps your customers coming back for more


  • Automated Performance
    The ICSS Web Performance Optimization automatically optimizes the different elements of your website. So all elements - be it HTML, Javascripts or images -  are quickly adapted to the device or browser of the end user. That means they experience your content quickly and seamlessly on any device, anywhere in the world.

  • Image Optimization
    Our solution reduces costs and complexity by automatically adjusting the size and format of images for the end device. The result is faster page load without a perceived loss of quality.
  • Policy-driven Optimization
    ICSS Web Performance Optimization offers individual policies of front-end optimization. Optimization techniques like prefetching, adaptive consolidation and asynchronous loading enables quicker visualization of your content.

  • HTTP/2
    Web Performance Optimization utilizes HTTP/2 protocols, enabling better utilization of resources, more reliability and faster page loads. Users experience a high-quality, consistent experience across all devices. 

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