Distribute your rich content at the highest quality

The ongoing success of online video and OTT broadcasting accounts for more than half of all consumer traffic. Our Media Delivery solutions offer rich content distribution to any device at the highest quality and at scale at any time.

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Seamless, end-to-end online video

From encoding to delivery with one simplified workflow, for any device: Simplified encoding, reduced complexity, scaling resources with lower costs will drive your OTT broadcast business forward.


  • Operational efficiency
    Our goal: to reduce complexity and costs. From online video preparation to monetization, we take care of the technological infrastructure. So you have time to create exciting content for global audiences.

  • Easy to handle: Our monetizing options
    Create new revenue prospects for every business model – from advertising, subscriptions and pay-per-view. We handle integration on the server side, thus reducing effort and providing better user experience.
  • Simplified advertising options
    Video Lifecycle’s server-side ad integration, combined with our single format approach, reduces the cost of reaching new platforms by eliminating per-platform ad insertion and encoding.

  • Transparent pricing model
    We offer hourly pricing, i.e., we charge for hours of content encoded, stored and streamed. HD, 128-bit AES encryption, analytics and even ad server integration are included.


  • Single format for multiple content
    Traditional approaches prepare multiple formats of content to reach differing platforms – increasing cost and complexity. With Video Lifecycle there is one unified workflow process for encoding HQ content for any device.

  • No proprietary encoding hardware
    We offer a unique encoding process that gives you the security of local encoding with the scalability of cloud encoding. Never worry about capacity again.


  • Cross platform analytics
    By implementing a single video format, integration of analytics data is easier, as they are handled on the server side. If customers already have a system in place, the broadcast  can be easily combined with any 3rd party analytics provider.

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