Distribute your rich content at the highest quality

The ongoing success of online video and OTT broadcasting accounts for more than half of all consumer traffic. Our Media Delivery solutions offer rich content distribution to any device at the highest quality and at scale at any time.

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Analytics and real-time statistics allow you to boost performance and lower costs

  • Analytics from Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier give you real-time data about your content, performance, traffic statistics, usage patterns, and much more.
  • You’re able to study the generated reports from an easy to use interface, and then make informed decisions about your next strategic steps.


Website Analytics

  • Provides real-time insights to make important strategic decisions, immediately or over the long-term
  • With a drill-down look into data, you can identify and repair problems within minutes
  • Improves performance and cost-efficiency thanks to detailed monitoring and reporting

Content Analytics

  • Understand what users are experiencing and how they use content, thanks to customized content analytics
  • See the quality of playback in real time – especially helpful for special events
  • Drill-down reporting and analysis lets you easy discover the origin of playback issues


Website Analytics

  • Different areas of reporting allow insights into specific platforms
  • Basic functions include monitoring of hits, bandwidth and traffic, as well as user information regarding location and devices
    Reports on performance provide data on issues such as security, general problems, cache configuration, server issues, protocols and compression
  • The analytics work in real time so you can directly see actual bandwidth use, connections and delivery times

Content Analytics

  • Provides a real view of user experience at that moment in time
  • Immediately understand what video quality the user is receiving, such as buffering, start time or errors
  • Individual visits are tracked for information such as connectivity, quality and activity

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