Our Mission

Our goals are to expand the international roaming partnership business and leverage the synergies of the Deutsche Telekom Group in external negotiations and internal cooperation – while advancing the commercial aspects of global roaming.

Our Strategy

  • Maximize the Group’s net cash position by reducing wholesale costs while increasing revenues, to enable attractive retail and wholesale propositions.
  • Deliver parent company value by centralizing relevant activities to create Group synergies.
  • Increase transparency for internal and external stakeholders by providing a single DT roaming interface for all commercial and strategic roaming issues.

Why work with us

Ensure the best wholesale results through scale

We deliver scale to Deutsche Telekom’s wholesale roaming business. The leverage we gain by combining the roaming volume of all of DT’s affiliated mobile operators enables ideal conditions to negotiate discounts. This way, we can ensure the best wholesale results.

Supporting growth of DT‘s wholesale and retail business

We foster growth of Deutsche Telekom’s wholesale and retail business, by providing the best foundation for expanding retail business in IoT, B2B or Roam like at Home.

We have achieved a great deal for our broker model members

Members receive added benefits from our roaming broker model. We manage to lower our roaming costs every year with an impressive discount footprint that no broker model member could reach alone.

Ahead of the industry through data intelligence

We are innovative, thanks to our investment in data intelligence and management. We are a leap ahead of the industry in making use of BIG DATA management to analyze roaming patterns for preparing negotiations and detecting misuse.

Rely on skilled experts – from negotiation to traffic steering

We are skilled experts in what we do. Established in 2006, our broker model is  highly rewarded by its members. An experienced team with regional expertise maintains the trust we have built, internally and externally. We operate end-to-end, providing negotiation, contracting, financial clearing and traffic steering.

Any questions? We are happy to get in touch with you! Commercial.roaming@telekom.de

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