High-speed access across pan-European markets with direct connectivity to North America, Russia and Asia

Lambda Connect is a high-bandwidth optical service, delivering cross-continental connectivity. It provides flexible optical services based on DWDM technology, up to 400G. Lambda Connect represents a cost-effective alternative to building a private network, which enables the development of new applications and opens new business opportunities and markets.

NEW! Now, quadruple transfer speed with our 400GE Lambda Connect and be ready for future demands for higher capacity and scale while reducing management tasks. With one 400GE instead of 4 x 100GE, cross-connect fees can be reduced by up to 75%. At the same time, this solution helps sustainability efforts by requiring less equipment, power and space.


  • Service: Terabit scale for services up to 400GE PoP-to-PoP and POP to end customer locations deep in our affiliated subsidiary networks – providing local presence and expertise.
  • Optimized: Low Network Latency & Metro/Long distance, end-to-end optimized
  • Safe: Wire-speed encryption for mass data in flight
  • Efficient: Decreasing fiber pairs on the market increase costs
  • Flexible: The ability to customize and provision light paths across an agile photonic network with optimal efficiency, performance and cost.

The Solution

Lambda Connect is our response to your customers' growing and unprecedented demand for capacity and service.

Lambda Connect offers several advantages. A shared infrastructure delivers higher utilization of a network and reduces costs. We provide our customers with the ability to build their wide area network requirements on top of our next-generation network. This supports them with achieving the business goals of their customers’ digital transformation journeys. Moreover, as our solution develops, we will leverage investments in market-leading technologies. This ensures that we keep pace with demands for unprecedented growth in capacity, bandwidth and service requirements.

Discover our unmatched wavelength service presence on the map graphics.

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