Provide your enterprise customers with premier-class, dedicated VPN access through the internet

Our solution offers dedicated VPN access via the internet and can be fully managed by you, our carrier customer. Based on Deutsche Telekom’s high-quality network, your enterprise customers gain the reliability and security of an industry-leading backbone at this business-critical interface between their VPN and their remote workforce or cloud applications.


  • Cost efficient due to affordable equipment
  • Control: Access can be fully managed by the carrier customer
  • Flexible and simple, as the service allows the easy addition or deletion of sites
  • Secure and reliable access based on Deutsche Telekom’s high quality global network
  • A low-cost solution for the backup demands of your enterprise customers

The Solution

Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier's top-quality Internet Access solution offers a dedicated link to a carrier’s VPN via the public internet. The flexible provisioning of asymmetrical and symmetrical bandwidths will let you respond to your enterprise customers’ needs for an economic and highly reliable permanent internet connection. This is crucial, for example, to deal with backup demands.

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