25 Years of Excellence

This year, Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier looks back on a quarter century of exceptional achievements that have helped drive the entire telco industry forward. We see our 25th anniversary as a launching point to an even greater future. One full of collaboration and innovation – to prepare the world for a completely new era in communication.

Looking Back on 25 Years of Innovation

Since 1996 we’ve played a leading role in shaping the direction of communication. Below are some of the highlights and milestones that have helped us sustain success over the past 25 years.  

In 1996, preparing for market liberalization, we launched our business as one of the first commercial wholesale providers in the industry

By the end of 1997, within one year, our staff numbers jumped from 12 to 50. We launched carrier relationship teams in Paris, London, New York, Moscow, Tokyo, Singapore and, in 1999, opened our Budapest office.

We invested in the longest sea cable in the world, SEA-ME-WE-3: 39 thousand kilometers, connecting two billion people in 33 countries with a landing station in Germany. It enabled superior voice and data traffic between Western Europe, the Far East and Australia.

We initiated and hosted the first-ever Global Carrier Meeting in Bonn in 1998. With more than 150 attendees from over 80 global carriers, this was the birth of regular commercial industry gatherings.

In 1999 the new INMC (International Network Management Center) building was completed and our 24/7 global NOC implemented.

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