ICSS making substantial progress in fighting fraud

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The use of SIM Boxing in the voice termination business severely harms both revenues and reputation, and not only that - with our SLAs, ICSS is obliged to actively intervene.

What is SIM boxing?

A SIM box fraud is a setup in which fraudsters install SIM boxes with multiple low-cost prepaid SIM cards. The fraudster then can terminate international calls through local phone numbers in the respective country to make it appear as if the call is a local call. This way fraudsters bypass all international interconnect charges.

What is the impact of SIM boxing?

The impact of SIM boxing on an operator’s network is twofold:

  • Operators significantly lose revenues on those calls.
  • Operators see degraded call quality (no CLI or local CLI – unable to return call, poor voice quality, etc.) which prevents them from meeting SLAs for mobile hubbing traffic.

ICSS commences an initiative to better detect and abandon SIM boxing.

ICSS has a global system in place to monitor call qualities and includes a test-call system from Keynote SIGOS enabling end-to-end test calls to gain detailed QoS reporting.
ICSS has now signed a cooperation agreement with Keynote SIGOS in respect to SIM boxing detection. ICSS allows Keynote SIGOS use of the existing global monitoring system infrastructure to enhance their footprint to perform end-to-end test calls. Keynote SIGOS in return provides ICSS with extensive reports that allow the quick identification of carriers with fraudulent SIM boxing in their network. ICSS receives monitoring reports on a weekly basis. This is important as fraudsters are rapidly buying and installing new SIM cards in their boxes and the reports allow us to react promptly. This solution serves as a perfect basis when choosing which routes are added to the routing table and lets ICSS select cost-efficient routes at guaranteed quality.
Initial successes have already been achieved. The first report that ICSS received from Keynote SIGOS revealed carriers using several routes with fraudulent SIM cards. ICSS will continue its efforts to seek fraudulent routes on the networks of interconnect partners in order to further enhance the quality of the ICSS voice solutions portfolio.

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