Protect your website and content with Deutsche Telekom's DDoS Defense solutions

Cyber attacks have increased significantly. They force your business offline, harm your brand image and frustrate your customers. To protect your valuable websites and content against DDoS attacks, we offer customized mitigation strategies to guarantee suitable counter measures, 24/7. Our DDoS Defense service is extremely cost-effective, transparent and easy to use.


  • Ensures continuous availability by helping protect against cyber crime
  • Eliminates loss of revenue, maintains productivity and enhances brand image
  • Comprehensively managed security, through Deutsche Telekom’s network
  • A variety of mitigation and counter-measure options
  • IP-backbone security solutions eliminate breaches before they occur
  • Highest security and reliability standards due to continual analysis of IP flows
  • Detailed reporting and monitoring with anomaly detection alarms

The Solution

To help stem the flow of cyber attacks, Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier has developed its state-of-the-art DDoS Defense platform, available for IP Transit customers. It protects against volume-dependent DoS and DDoS attacks or spikes in traffic due to legitimate requests, such as with flash crowds during holiday shopping seasons. At Deutsche Telekom, we can handle considerably more volume than you alone and have the expertise and specialized manpower to quickly react in your defense.

Our DDoS Defense platform for Deutsche Telekom's IP Transit customers first detects possible attacks and then works to mitigate the problem. Our reporting and management system provides full transparency so that we know what your normal traffic flow looks like and anomalies can be discovered. In case of an attack, traffic is routed to our security farm area. 

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