MAGENTA Numbers in Service of Healthier Life Sharing

Today, reinventing the wholesale service of inbound numbers means much more than creating a bilateral stimulation of business. It takes awareness of full end-to-end processes as well as commitment to deliver international numbers to end users wherever and whenever they are needed. The COVID-19 crisis has escalated a need for new hotlines, call centers, online communication tools dedicated to deliver time-critical and relevant information. More than ever in the backend of wellbeing stands free of charge numbers to call.  


Our answer to Corona: Free COVID-19 Numbers that matters!

We help those who help. With a gift.


  • With COVID-19 numbers there is no charge for the one-time set-up and monthly recurring costs (OTC=MRC=0)
  • 20% of volume minutes are free of charge (packages: 10,000 minutes free for every 50,000; 1,000 minutes free for every 5,000)
  • No minimum commitment term. COVID-19 numbers can be cancelled at any time with a 15-day notice
  • All three product lines included: ITFS, UIFS and DID Numbers
  • Any country within our coverage area are eligible for the campaign offer
  • Product, legal and order management teams are at your service
  • Bring your numbers with an award-winning global wholesale carrier

Use cases

Official Information Lines

All around the world, regional and local authorities are introducing toll-free hotlines and local DID access numbers to ensure that every resident stays informed about the latest measures and regulations in their areas.

Make sure everyone has access to information by providing gratis phone numbers.

Healthcare Hot Lines

Knowledge has been the most powerful tool in the fight against the pandemic. Worldwide health organizations need toll-free numbers in order to collect information regarding patient symptoms, deliver COVID-19 test results and receive data about follow-up treatments.

Use communication as a prevention method.

Education and Humanities Must Go On

Personal development shouldn’t suffer from a lack of education or exposure to the treasures of music, science, theater or other cultural activities. Online communication can help keep these important areas of life active during the long days of social distancing.

Support your customers with toll-free/local numbers and revitalize their lives.

COVID-19 and Business Sustainability

Numerous industries have suffered extensive losses due to restrictions and behavioral changes brought on by the pandemic. To sustain their businesses, many companies now maintain special COVID-19 service lines to inform their customers about new schedules, exclusive offers, home deliveries, and more.

Use toll-free/DID numbers to preserve customer relationships and your business future.

Stay Together While Working Apart

This year, business life changed dramatically. It was no longer possible to share information in the office, either through physical meetings or short chats with colleagues. So many companies set up special workforce lines to let employees know about the latest company news, COVID-19 measures, have virtual meetings or just get together to keep connected.

Let your workforce stay in touch with a free hotline number.

Other COVID-19 Number Use Case to Share?

As a Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier COVID-19 numbers team we would be more than happy to hear your ideas to help fight pandemic challenges with a free call.

Help us to maximize the benefits of COVID-19 numbers.

COVID-19 Numbers delivery process

  Express your interest at:
  Existing/New Customer we prepared for you ready to go Service and Contract Agreements
  Select countries and products of interest and submit this Order Form
  Verify your COVID-19 use case with our team by filling this Confirmation Letter
  We will act as fast as possible to deliver your COVID-19 numbers

Thank you for using magenta inbound numbering services for healthier life sharing!

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