A flexible, high-quality and cost-efficient international voice service

Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier has an extensive global network that can deliver international voice services geared to your cost and quality requirements. Working in a highly automated, transparent IT environment with 100 % of our voice traffic being all-IP, our experienced traders offer extremely efficient wholesale routing and high-quality services at the most competitive prices.


  • 20 years of experience in voice trading results in optimum quality/price ratio
  • One of the largest wholesale players with more than 26 billion voice minutes per year
  • Active in fighting fraud with dedicated teams and state-of-the-art tools
  • Future-proof Next Generation Voice International (NGVi) platform; 100% of traffic is all-IP
  • High-quality, global delivery, 24/7 network monitoring
  • Efficient routing to any destination worldwide

The Solution

Premium hubbing delivers the stable and reliable voice termination your customers demand: 

  • Our routing managers ensure your traffic is always conducted via Deutsche Telekom’s quality termination options.
  • Important KPIs such as the answer seizure ratio (ASR) or network efficiency ratio (NER) are constantly monitored so that superior termination quality is guaranteed.

Telenor Global Wholesale

Deutsche Telekom is a big group with lots of synergies that we can take advantage of to optimize our business. Their size also makes them a safe bet – we know they have the resources to plan technologies well into the future. Through all our dealings, they have also been completely trustworthy, by delivering exactly what we’ve discussed and agreed upon. We are pleased to do business with them.


Per Lorentsen, Chief Technical Officer at Telenor Global Wholesale

Hrvatski Telekom

At Hrvatski Telekom, we very much appreciated the close partnership with Deutsche TeIekom's trading experts. The agreement allows us to exploit synergies arising from the Group's position in the global voice wholesale market.


Žarko Sutlar, Director of Wholesale Partners Dept., Hrvatski Telekom


We are rapidly expanding our LTE roaming footprint through both direct LTE roaming agreements with mobile operators and through peerings with leading providers like Deutsche Telekom, which helps our mobile operator customers offer a more complete global roaming experience for their LTE subscribers. We’re very pleased to partner with Deutsche Telekom to continue to fulfill the promise of LTE globally.


Willem Offerhaus, iBasis CEO.

P&T Luxembourg

We are happy to work together with Deutsche Telekom. In terms of innovative solutions, the company is in a leading position - we can jointly move forward in the all IP world and are ready for the future to support the increase in mobile and fixed data traffic!


Joseph Glod, Deputy CEO, P&T Luxembourg


Through our new partnership with Deutsche Telekom, we are expanding our cloud communication expertise to one of the fastest growing markets in Europe, opening a direct link to an effective business differentiator for enterprises locally and worldwide. Our partnership with Deutsche Telekom helps us give our customers global reach with local expertise, all through the simplest communication APIs and SDKs.


David Vigar, Nexmo's Director of Carrier Relations


The partnership with Deutsche Telekom reaffirms the high level of trust in our company and allows us to expand our offering and fulfill clients’ requirements for mission-critical and time-sensitive application-to-person (A2P) messaging using the Group's global footprint. The excellent experience we’ve had in our co-operation with them has resulted in another partnership with their SMS+ solution.


 Mathias Höllerl, DIMOCO Messaging Managing Director


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