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A top web experience is key to driving engagement with your audience and to your online revenues. Benefit from our Web Acceleration services to optimize the performance of your online presence and exceed your customers’ expectations.

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Accelerate website delivery while managing traffic growth and lowering infrastructure costs.
Website Acceleration optimizes the performance of static and dynamic content from your website and applications. By satisfying user demand, your revenues will increase. Plus, offloading your content delivery to our Website Acceleration service, ensures automatically scaled traffic growth, lower infrastructure costs and simplified management.


  • Highest performance
    Our high-performance content delivery platform ensures the fastest website delivery. Cutting-edge hardware, together with the industry’s best software, guarantees optimal delivery of your content.

  • Global reach and availability
    Our global infrastructure, spanning five continents, is designed for resiliency, redundancy and high availability. Together with our intelligent load balancing, content is always delivered from the server closest to your user.

  • Scalability, with infrastructure cost savings
    Our extensive infrastructure gives you immediate capacity and independence from unexpected traffic growth. Offload your infrastructure by utilizing our network and maximize cost savings.

  • Self-service
    Through the web portal of our Website Acceleration solution, you can easily configure and manage your content. This makes initial setup quicker and gives you the flexibility needed to adapt to changing business requirements.


  • Independent hosting platform
    Our Website Acceleration services operate within any hosting environment, whether at your on-premise location, in a data center or over a public cloud provider.

  • API-enabled, self-service portal
    The API-enabled, self-service portal allows automatic management of website acceleration and integration into existing IT processes.


  • Flexible rules-based delivery
    Rules-based content delivery gives you control over how and when your content is served. So you can make your content delivery decisions at the edge, to further accelerate your website.

  • Secure delivery
    We support all types of SSL certificates for secure HTTPS delivery and offer a variety of security measures, including our Origin Cloaking and Web Application Firewall as additional services.

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