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A top web experience is key to driving engagement with your audience and to your online revenues. Benefit from our Web Acceleration services to optimize the performance of your online presence and exceed your customers’ expectations.

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Optimized web application acceleration
Today's websites are increasingly sophisticated and engaging. Our Web Application Acceleration service optimizes the delivery of dynamic content and reduces the response times of your interactive websites and applications.


  • Accelerate dynamic content and web applications
    Our solution delivers dynamic content up to five times faster.

  • Captivate your customers
    Render personalized pages on-the-fly, without worrying about performance penalties.


  • Enhance your bottom line
    We help you lower server and bandwidth costs while improving performance – with the best user experience ever.

  • Reliable and fast
    Wherever your viewers are around the globe, you can be sure your site is quickly loaded.



  • One package, dozens of optimizations
    We have included a multitude of “best practice” optimizations to give your content all the benefits possible.

  • Payload compression
    Our enhanced connectivity provides faster speeds and uses less bandwidth while condensing payload.

  • Path optimization
    We continually and intelligently monitor, analyze and rank origin-to-edge paths in real-time.

  • Availability and redundancy
    If one path is congested or degraded, we automatically re-route to the next optimal path.

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